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New email address as of 1/28/2016!

If you're a human being, you should be able to read the email address in the graphic above. I have had to resort to doing things this way because of malicious spambots that cull email address links from the web.

Please type the whole address without spaces in the address line of your email using the appropriate "at" symbol and ".com" .

It's easy! I look forward to hearing from you!

Please be patient. I get tons of emails, but I really try my best to answer every one of them. And if you do not hear from me, do not automatically assume I did not try - many of you have spam blockers on your email - whether you know it or not - that won't accept email from my web server. Thanks!

IMPORTANT: The email address on THIS page is correct. Older, out-dated addresses do appear elsewhere on this site,
because I haven't had time to update every single page.