The 1998 season of Nick in the Afternoon, hosted by Stick Stickly, aired weekdays on Nickelodeon from early July to late August. Once again, I was responsible for making the miniature props and new characters and puppeteering Stick, assisted by Brad Pope and Rob Saunders.


Above, a picture of Brad Pope and me (holding Super Stick) with the 8-foot "Stickopolis" set we created for street scenes out of some existing models. Like Disneyland, there are in-jokes on the building signs, including: Fodor's Fashions (for Agi Fodor, Stick's creator), Abby's Attic (for Abby Miller, producer), Brad's Garage (for Brad), Rick Rickly's Dance Studio (for me), and Dave's Diner (for friend David Regan). Also prominent are Stickbuck's Café, and Stickolini Brothers Pizza. Note the two pedestrian conveyor belts in front of the sidewalk, which allows for a steady stream of passers-by on the street. Brad built those, and they're brilliant.

The latest way to get goo all over Stick then make him guess what it is: Flop Stick. The rack-like device he's strapped into plummets forward dumping him face first into whatever is in the dish in front of him. And if you think that's funny, you should see "Splatter Stick"... flop stick

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[Photos from private collection of Rick Lyon]
[Stick Stickly likenesses, logos, and names Copyright Viacom International]