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If you've enjoyed browsing through my site, here are some links to other sites you might also enjoy.

Rose Sage's Puppetry Homepage -- A remarkably comprehensive source for info about puppetry, it's forms and practitioners, both national and international, professional and amateur. The best on the web. Unfortunately, not updated since mid 2003. TMBG.com -- One of my favorite bands, They Might Be Giants. Still kicking butt after more than 20 years. Avenue Q -- Well, I had to put this here.
Muppet Central -- An enormously deep and well-organized Muppet fan site. Includes Muppet news updates, trivia, message boards, Muppeteer interviews, merchandise, even links to chat rooms. Better than the company's official site. Früvous.Com -- Official website of Moxy Früvous, another favorite eclectic folk/pop/alternative band. The site is still up, but sadly, they are no longer performing together. Buy their music anyway. Broadway.com

Theatermania.com Three for the theatre geeks in all of us.


Axtell Expressions -- Good source for mass-produced puppets, geared to amateurs and church groups. Steve Axtell is a really nice guy, and there's some good info and puppetry links at his site. WFUV -- The NPR radio station I support. Great acoustic, folk, Americana, alternative, and roots music. Internet Movie Database -- Info on just about every movie and TV show ever made, with exhaustive cast and crew lists. Look me up!
Perry Alley Theatre -- Some of the best people I know -- oh, and they perform with puppets, too! Falconridge Folk Festival -- A great annual outdoor summer folk music festival in upstate NY. Obi Wan's Jedi Academy -- A STAR WARS fan costuming site. This is where I started my research on how to make my Stormtrooper armor for Halloween.
Puppeteers of America Homepage -- Homepage of the national organization for puppetry that holds annual regional and national puppetry festivals for practitioners of puppetry both professional and non-professional. Dar Williams -- A terrfic singer/songwriter I really enjoy. The Monster Makers -- This is where I got my foam latex prosthetic makeup supplies. Nice, knowledgable, helpful people with high-quality product.
UNIMA-USA Homepage -- An international organization for puppetry. Lucy Kaplansky -- Another great singer/songwriter. Apemania.com -- These guys are serious professional makeup artists and hardcore fans of the original PLANET OF THE APES movies, who make appearances as POTA characters, and make and sell APES makeup, merchandise, and collectibles.
Unofficial Muppet Home Page -- Detailed info about past Muppet productions & performers, although it's far from flawless, and was quite outdated last I looked. Compiled by fans with help from Muppet insiders. The Mighty Weaklings -- One of the band members is a "Sesame" puppeteer. The Official TMNT Homepage -- Cowabunga! The Ninja Turtles resolutely refuse to fade away. Includes old TMNT movie info.
The Thistle Theatre -- Some very nice puppet folks in the state of Washington. Cheap CDs -- The most inexpensive source for new CDs I've found on the web. Prompt service.

I welcome suggestions for links to other sites. If there's a link you'd like me to consider adding, email me!

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