the crew

Above, some of the people who helped crank out the marionettes for the Comedy Central project "Feelings." From left to right: Jim Shanley (Jersey), Tim Ostrander (Jokey Boy), me, Carole Simms, and Steven Widerman. Not pictured are Kevin Fish (Supermarionation Boy and Jokey Boy Jr.), Patrick Ahearn, Ron Binion, Jean Marie Keevins, and Rob Saunders. The puppeteers for the shoot were Steven, Carole, and myself. Everyone on the team busted their tails to get everything done, and did terrific work. I'm very lucky to have had such a great crew working with me, and Comedy Central got much more than they paid for! The great puppet costumes were made by Cathy Maguire (who did the costumes for the Mansun music video I worked on) and her associates.

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[Photo from Private Collection of Rick Lyon]