In early June, '98, I puppeteered for a music video for the British rock group Mansun (not to be confused with that Marilyn Manson guy). A very interesting concept -- Mansun doesn't even appear in the video, just the puppets, which were like dolls. The basic story is a satire on the stereotypical rise and fall of a cookie-cutter pop band: from garage rehearsals to club gigs to signing with a label to a huge arena show, to their inevitable ego problems and breakup. A long, tough shoot, but we managed to have some fun, and I think the video turned out really well (I know it aired in Europe, but I never saw it on American TV). I don't think the band is active anymore.

Rick at Mansun shoot
At left, a picture of the four principal doll/puppets, which we called John, Paul, Ringo, and George. Yes, they all have identical faces, symbolic of a pop band's general anonymity and sameness, and no, they are not meant to represent Mansun.

At right, yours truly puppeteering the lead singer doll/puppet, John. Are you surprised to see me bunched up under a table? You are? Haven't you learned anything from looking at my web site?

Doll puppets

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