DAVID BOWIE MUSIC VIDEO -- A video for a song called "Pretty Things" from Bowie's latest album. Shot on location in NYC in September 1999, but so far, unreleased.

SONY/CINEPLEX ODEON THEATRES "SESAME STREET" TRAILER A short film we shot in early August of 1998 featuring the Sesame Street Muppets. Cookie Monster hosts a brief satirical history of the cinema. I believe it showed up in theatres around the 1998 holidays.

MANSUN MUSIC VIDEO  A video called "Legacy" for the UK rock band Mansun. It was in heavy rotation on MTV Europe, but I'm not sure it's ever played in the US.

SONY THEATRES "SESAME STREET" POLICY SONG TRAILER The whole Sesame gang, laying down the law about movie-going etiquette.

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