More of The Ripmeisters

At each recording session, we try to do things we've never done before. For the "Three Little Pigs" soundtrack, that largely meant playing instruments we hadn't used before, or don't really play!

At left, recording my first accordion part. I don't really play accordion, but I have one sort of on permanent loan that I've been dying to use, so I wrote it into the score. To everyone's surprise, it sounded pretty good! Could I be more of a dork?

John on Trombone

More instruments we don't really play! At left, John on trombone. At this session, we used real horns for the first time on a Reggae sort of arrangement. Click here for John's dogs!
Jim on Acoustic At left, Jim on acoustic guitar, and at right, playing fretless electric bass. On one of our soundtracks, he played upright acoustic string bass (we rented one just for the session!). Jim on Bass

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