Even More About The Ripmeisters

Rick and John mix it up

At left, John and I working on the mixdown of the music tracks. Up to now, we've recorded each show onto John's analog eight-track tape deck then mixed down to a DAT, but this time we mixed down to my new digital hard-disk multitrack. Maybe next time we'll be all digital...

Now that the music's done, it's up to me to take the music tracks and record the dialog and singing and sound effects and mix it all together for the show's final soundtrack.

No Ripmeisters session is complete without stumbling over John's dogs, who do their best to disrupt the process just by being dogs! The psychotic black one is Hendrix, who is part pit bull (and part bat, I believe), and the black, white, and brown beagle/collie mix is Dweezil, who Jim thinks looks like a Warner Brothers cartoon dog. Yes, they're named after Jimi and Zappa.

The Hounds from Hell!

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