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BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop

Hey, here's a page that doesn't have anything to do with puppets! Well, not much, anyway...

In June of 2001, I completed the first-year BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, which was moderated by Patrick Cook and Rick Freyer.

The workshop is basically an ongoing weekly class sponsored by BMI, the music licensing company, where aspiring composers, lyricists and librettists develop works of musical theatre, under the tutelage of musical theatre professionals (such as Maury Yeston, composer of the Broadway musical "Titanic"). I was first exposed to the workshop as a performer, when a mutual friend introduced me to participants Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez (co-creators of the Avenue Q project featured on this site), when they needed a puppeteer to perform a song from a musical they were writing. Jeff and Bobby heard some of the music I've written for my puppet performances, and encouraged me to audition for the workshop. Nearly two years later, I did, and was accepted into the first-year program as a composer/lyricist. It's been a real challenge -- I'm surrounded by truly skilled and trained musicians, and very creative writers -- which has made it an intimidating, exciting experience.

For more about my first year in the Workshop, click HERE.

Extensive information about the workshop can be found on BMI's website at:

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