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More About the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop

For you obsessively curious types out there, here's how I spent the first year in the BMI/Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop:

The final assignment was to create a ten minute mini-musical, something that told a complete story. It could be adapted from existing story material, or completely original. I wrote the script, music, and lyrics for a ten minute musical about writing a ten minute musical, the two lead characters being a man and woman composer and lyricist in a musical theatre workshop who are partnered somewhat against their wills to do the assignment. The man wants to write a musical version of STAR TREK, which initially horrifies the woman. Eventually, they come to terms and do, indeed, write STAR TREK: THE MUSICAL, which goes on to take Broadway by storm. It was a very silly piece, one of the most important components being that the whole thing was timed, with periodic updates throughout the performance to let the audience know how much of the ten minutes remained. I was very gratified by how well the performance went in class, and I had a terrifically talented cast to perform it, including Joe Farrell, Raquel Hecker, and Jamie McGonnigal.

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