Frank Oz at AVENUE Q

In September of 2004, Frank Oz came to see the Broadway musical AVENUE Q, in which I perform and for which I created the puppets. Obviously, this was significant to us for several reasons - for his long history as one of the key Muppet performers, for his reknown as a film director, and as the principal performer of the Jedi master Yoda from the STAR WARS films. He seemed to genuinely enjoy AVENUE Q, graciously posed for zillions of photos with us, and had a nightcap with us afterwards and recounted some of his adventures as a performer and director. Although I've worked with Frank on various and sundry things for over fifteen years, I am always in awe of him.

Frank Oz at AVENUE Q

Above, sort of from from left to right:
Jeff Marx, Frank Oz, Rick Lyon, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, John Tartaglia, Jen Barnhart, Jordan Gelber, Robert Lopez.

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Photo from Private Collection of Rick Lyon
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