The Lyon Puppets can serve your company's in-house industrial, corporate theatre, or tradeshow needs with the production of unique and entertaining live shows or video presentations. We can do it all, from script consultation to staging, special effects to original music. We'll help you make your message stick with a memorable custom puppet presentation. Contact us!

MICROSOFT -- COMDEX video presentation, November 2002
Every year at this big computer tradeshow in Las Vegas, Bill Gates does a live videoconference keynote address. There's usually a light-hearted pre-taped portion - I performed a well-known puppet character for this year's presentation.

LIBERTY WIRE & CABLE -- CEDIA EXPO 2002, Minneapolis, MN, September 2002
An all-new custom live show, featuring a frazzled home theatre installer rescued by Liberty Wire & Cable's CoaxMaster.

MOORE NORTH AMERICA -- MAILCOM 2000, Atlantic City, NJ, May 2000
The Lyon Puppets revised the presentation from NPF Nashville (see below) for this show in Atlantic City.

The Lyon Puppets revised the presentation from NPF Chicago (see below) for this show in Music City USA.

The Lyon Puppets presented an all-new program at the Navy Pier Convention Center in The Windy City .

MOORE NORTH AMERICA -- MAILCOM 99, Atlantic City, NJ, April 1999
The Lyon Puppets returned to MAILCOM with Bob and Jane in an all new presentation for Moore North America.

MOORE NORTH AMERICA -- MAILCOM, Anaheim, Anaheim, CA, October 1998
A repeat performance of The Lyon Puppets' Atlantic City presentation for Moore (see below), this time at the scenic Anaheim Convention Center at Disneyland's doorstep.

MOORE DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS -- MAILCOM 98, Atlantic City, NJ, April/May 1998
For these live tradeshow appearances, I adapted the script, supplied the puppets, puppet stage and original music, and performed two of the three puppet characters. Produced by Kirk Horlbeck for Moore.

METROPOLITAN LIFE -- Corporate Video Department, New York City, February 1998 (unreleased)
I served as an associate producer for this in-house video, designing and building the puppets, hiring the puppeteers, designing the set and coordinating with the scene shop -- basically interfacing with every aspect of the production.

EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY -- Digital Imaging Products "Town Meeting," Roch., NY, Sept. 1997
live interdepartmental informational meeting, with me performing Bob. Produced by Selkowitz Marketing for Kodak.

HALLMARK ENTERTAINMENT -- New series Announcement, New York City, February 1997
This live performance was presented in conjunction with the 1997 Toy Fair in NYC, for which I puppeteered an animatronic lion character created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Produced by Hallmark Entertainment.

EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY -- Single Use Camera Div. "Town Meeting," Roch., NY, Dec. 1996
A live "state of the division" meeting for all employees and vendors connected with Kodak's Single Use Cameras. I performed Bob, who introduced speakers, and generally helped keep the presentation lively. Produced by Selkowitz Marketing for Kodak.

GTE -- Tom Barrett Leadership Seminar, Colorado Springs, CO and Dallas, TX
I performed this live presentation, in conjunction with motivational speaker Tom Barrett, on two separate occasions for GTE in 1995. Titled "In the Spotlight," the theme of the presentation was sharing the spotlight with fellow employees. I designed and built the puppets, supplied the puppet stage, and performed several characters. Originally produced by BI Performance for GTE.

DIGITAL -- Comdex '94, Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 1994
I performed as a puppeteer for this live blacklight theatre puppet presentation. Produced by BI Performance for Digital.

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